Shandong Longxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shandong Longshenghe Auxiliary Co., Ltd. is located in Linzi, Zibo, the birthplace of football in the world, the famous petrochemical city, the hometown of Cuju, and the ancient capital of Qi. It is very convenient to use important raw materials such as water, electricity, steam, nitrogen and hydrogen, and purchasing nearby can save a lot of production costs for the company. The company not only enjoys a superior geographical location, but also enjoys a series of preferential policies from Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, which has obvious advantages in investment environment and development environment.

Founded in 2008, the company covers an area of ​​50 acres; it has more than 120 employees and a total investment of 80 million yuan. The first phase has invested 50 million yuan, and the second phase will invest 30 million yuan. The company's main product, DCB (dichlorobenzidine hydrochloride, 3,3'-dichlorobenzidine hydrochloride), is an important intermediate for pigments and dyes, with a designed production capacity of 12,000 tons per year, which is completed in two phases: one The first phase of the project is 6,000 tons per year, with an investment of 50 million yuan. It has now been completed and put into production. At present, the production is normal, and the products have been recognized by buyers; the preliminary work of the second phase of the project has been prepared, and the production capacity is 6,000 tons per year. After the second phase is put into production, the production capacity will reach the design production capacity, and our company will become the world's largest DCB production supplier. Our company has a high-quality and strong scientific research and technical team, including 5 senior experts with many years of chemical work experience, 15 professional and technical personnel, and 7 professional product R&D personnel. The company's employees have high quality and strong professional knowledge. Among them, college graduates account for more than 70% of the total number of employees, and they are the core strength in production positions.

Due to the relatively large amount of sewage produced by DCB production, it has brought many disadvantages to the local environment and the health of residents. Therefore, the company adheres to the principle of "seeking benefits from the environment" and aims to build a socialist harmonious enterprise. 200,000 tons/year sewage treatment facility, the treated sewage is discharged to Qilu Petrochemical Water Supply and Drainage Plant, which minimizes the harm to the environment of the production plant and the health of residents. It is highly praised by the environmental protection department and reflects the company's high sense of social responsibility.

We always adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, and win-win", adhering to the corporate tenet of "integrity first, users are God", and wholeheartedly provide our customers with the best quality service. "Make friends from all over the world and seek common development, and sincerely invite friends from all over the world to start a business together." The company leaders and all employees warmly welcome friends from all over the world to come to negotiate business, seek common cooperation and common development!